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07-29-2012, 11:24 AM
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I don't like the success of the team based only on the playoffs because no matter how the team in constructed, there will be weaknesses that some other teams will be able to exploit. That's the reality of the cap era and I think dismissing a really good regular season because of a first round loss is a mistake depending on the matchup. I think there has to be a balance when gauging a year combining the two. 4th place in the division and a first round loss is very disappointing, but I don't think well over 100pts and a first round loss should be compared the same even though it was 2 first round losses.

Too much parity to just dismiss good regular seasons now.

there’s not enough credit given to the team. That’s league-wide,” he said… “I guess that’s because we give so much attention to winning the Stanley Cup. But it’s not accurate and it’s not fair. The team that finished at the top of the league is a pretty good hockey team. (Stuff) can happen in the playoffs. A lot of (stuff) can happen.”
- Jim Dellevano 2009

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