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07-29-2012, 11:34 AM
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Skating and Balance

Originally Posted by PantherStriker View Post
Hey everyone,

I play net in an intramural league, so the skill level isnt extraordinary to begin with. However, every time I go to the butterfly, I end up falling onto my pads, knees showing. It's like my pads arent facing properly. Anyone have any advice on how I can change this?

Sorry its kind of vague, I dont know the terminology to describe it.
Sounds like you have skating and balance issues.

A goalie should be one of the better skaters on a team. If you are using the butterfly your skating has to be solid and your legs have to be in shape to support the up and down movement.

Have someone watch you when you play and use the butterfly. Your skates should not leave the ice as you go down. This allows you to change direction quickly and spring back-up. If you are plopping down - skates leave the ice, then you are not able to change direction quickly. Balance, same person should be able to notice if you are tilting to one side, too far forward or resting on your haunches. Fatigue will cause goalies to sit back on their haunches.

Once you have been observed you will have your answer.

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