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12-02-2003, 06:53 PM
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Originally Posted by triggrman
Let me some this up for you as you must have missed the last post on this. Kovalchuk is a better goal scorer than Gaborik, but "Gabby" is a better two-way player. Comrie won't play for Edmonton and almost ever player is going to the Oilers once this year in a trade for him, as well as every prospect and he'll probably be traded for 4 fourth liners. Tootoo is a pest, but not the best, his name and his illegal hits have everyone talking about him being the first Inuit to be traded, only it won't be to the Pens as they are dumping salary, Thornton scored more when he shot more, ESPN doesn't show enough hockey, hockey is bigger in Canada, fighting is up and goals are down but ESPN still won't show it, Nash can light the lamp so can Kovalchuk, they're both selfish players or just talented goal scorers and Gaborik is the better two way player, New York Rangers aren't the only team in the city struggling to win, Pens are dumping salary, LA has injury problems, Dallas too, Tampa looks good the Caps don't, Jagr to Detroit, to New York, Joseph to New York to Colorado, Hasek is hurt, Ovechkin is the top prospect this year, Crosby is next, Kovalchuk can score some goals, some stuff about Kariya, Thornton, and the Rangers payroll.
Nicely done. Only thing you left out is that the Devils are the most boring team in the league, the trap and defensive systems in general are killing the sport, we need way more goals, because of course thats the only exciting thing in hockey, and that Martin Brodeur's stats are largely a result of the team he plays behind. On any other team he'd be horrible.