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07-29-2012, 12:49 PM
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I haven't posted in a while but I figured I might as well.

Hawks fans need to stop being so short sighted. Our section of the board is just brutal lately. Everyone is b*tching, asking for Bowman and the coaching staff all to be canned.

Have we done well in the playoffs the last few years? No. Bowman was hand-cuffed in his first season as GM by the cap. Second season, he tried some moves (Brunette etc.) and they didn't pan out. Some of his moves have been good. If you don't think the Hawks have one of the best D around, you're crazy. Oduya isn't Campbell, we get that. The overall depth of D is better and we have prospects coming up. Things aren't so dark.

People that have been screaming bloody murder because we didn't make any moves this off-season (so far) are ridiculous. We took a run at Parise and maybe we didn't try as hard for Suter as we should have. It happens. But if you think going hard after other options like Doan at 4 years or overpaying for other guys, you're nuts. There is nothing available this off-season that wouldn't hurt our long-term outlook because of overpayment or too long of a term. We don't need Semin to make our top 6 even softer. Sure, I like that he signed a one year deal but we don't need him long term.

The Hawks have been drafting talent for a while now and we haven't really consistently been able to take a look at what we have in the cupboards and to see if they are suited for the NHL on a more permanent basis. Morin, Smith, Shaw (had far more NHL time), Hayes, Saad and even Beach are all guys that I'd rather see what they have in the NHL than give Andrew Brunette ice-time.

We need to take this year to count our chips, see what we have in some of these prospects and set ourselves up for a much brighter future. Free agency next year looks a hell of a lot better than this season. So, everyone should relax, take a breath and let's not go crazy wishing we'd overpay or over-extend every bum on the market that would only be a stop gap.

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