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Originally Posted by Xokkeu View Post
Team USA built their entire run in 2002 on the back end of that great generation of players who also won the 1996 World Cup.

Just compare the 2002 and 2006 rosters and you'll see huge turnover.
After the 2002 Olympics, The Hockey News wrote an article saying exactly what was stated in the title post - that the well was dry, for the U.S., when it came to players above the age of 21 and below the age of 30.

The 2004 World Cup team was a retread of the 2002 team but, at that point, it was well beyond its expiry date.

After drying up, the fact that the U.S. managed to restock and get back to the Gold Medal game in 2010 is a credit to their youth program - and to Ryan Miller .

Originally Posted by AmericanDream View Post
When top picks from 92-2000 like Jason Bonsignore, TY Jones, Ryan Sittler, Brad Defauw, Jeff Kealty, Matt Alvery, Rory Fitzpatrick, Peter Ferraro, David Wilkie, Joe Hulbig, Chris O'Sullivan, Peter Roed, Peter Ratchuk, Josh DeWolf, Nikos Tselios, J-M Pelletier, Brian Gaffaney, Bobby Allen, Philip Sauve, Chris Bala, Barrett Heisten, Michael Ryan, Ed Hill, Dan Cavanaugh, Matt Murley, Matt DeMarchi, Kris Vernarsky, all bust, and I mean this was about 80% of our top 2 round picks from that era that busted, we were screwed ...these are pretty much off the top of my head as there are more.

plus a ton of guys like Michael Rupp, Dan Lacouture, Scott Parker, Erik Rasmussen, Jeff Jillson, Doug Janik, Adam Hall, Andrew Hutchinson, Jeff Taffe, Brad Winchester, Andy Hilbert, etc that could be considered busts as well or labeled as players that didnt deliver compared to their draft rankings...and now you can see that probably 90% of all American players drafted in the first 2 rounds of the draft from 92-2000 either busted or underperformed and it is amazing that USA Hockey still got a silver in 02 and a silver in 2010....a miracle perhaps??
Wow... Good post and memory, buddy. The U.S. really did have a lot of kids bomb during that window of time.
Just shows what a crap shoot the draft is.

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