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07-29-2012, 12:58 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post

What I highlighted in your post is the all time FAIL award winner at HF Boards.

You were a Gauthier fan, right?
I have no idea why you feel the need to be so antagonistic, but I'm not going to put too much importance in what you said. Let's try to get this conversation back on track instead of using emoticons and insults as come backs.

Here's what was said, that you don't seem to be paying attention to:

Someone claimed that we should tank.

Someone else claimed that tanking is pointless, because most past winners didn't win with their high picks in the line-up.

I said that this was a false statement, because those picks might not have been in the line-up but they still were used in order to acquire other crucial elements to the cup run.

That person replied that this was his point, that good management comes first.

I said that without those high picks acquired via terrible seasons (call it tanking if you will), acquiring the Forsbergs and Richards wouldn't have happened.

Care to point where I'm wrong or where I made any claim that Gauthier was a good GM?

Even teams like Detroit (Yzerman--in their 90s run of course) and the Devils (Nieds) won with high picks in their line-up. Sure, teams like Boston and the later Detroit team won without any of those high picks. But they seem to be more of an exception rather than a standard. Winning the cup doesn't rely solely on one factor, but to brush off the contribution of top-end draft picks and whatever return they yielded is silly.

You wanna argue that good management is important? No ****. I'm not going to debate you. Of course it is. Whether you tank or not. We could split into a bunch of different arguments while we're at it and talk about development, health, the moon cycles and refereeing.

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