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Originally Posted by no name View Post
That's been the general opinion the last two years. Williams is a bad player if he's not within 15 feet of the net. He can't carry the puck, he's always in the wrong spot, he's poor defensively, is worthless in the corners, he's a turnover machine. His strengths involve cleaning up the trash.

Everyone agrees and has said so a hundred times. Also, I know it's popular for you to say "wow, just wow" but it really bothers me how you mess it up all the time. Wow is a one word statement. There should be a period in there.
I wasn't aware it was popular for me to say it. Or maybe its happen to be directed at you a few times for your somewhat absurd POV's. Such as this and constant pimping of JJ vs DD. Of which we have had a few verbal jabs

Originally Posted by Chazz Reinhold View Post
Everyone doesn't say that and it's 100% incorrect. Williams frustrates me a lot, but the only thing you listed there that has any semblance of truth is that he turns the puck over a decent amount. He more than makes up for it in other areas though.

To he say he relies on other players is absurd. There's a reason Williams has been stapled to Kopitar's wing for a few seasons now, and it's not because Williams relies on Kopitar...
Originally Posted by Jaygokings View Post

Oh come on now man. You describe him as if he is a good-for-nothing AHLer who should be making league min.
As Chazz and Jay have so kindly aided my argument, I'll shorten it somewhat. JDub is without a doubt the most underrated player on the Kings. He has been the second best offensive player on the Kings for the past 3 years. To say he rides Kopi is wrong on so many different levels, if anything his play style messes with Kopi better than anyone on the team. Kopi is unique in that he can play a wide open game or a game along the boards as well as a quick North/South game as well as good East/West passing game, the only player on the Kings that can also play this way and keep up with Kopi is JDub.

When the Smyth/Kopi/JDub line was clicking it was because of JDub. He was the main catalyst of the forecheck of that line, he was the one that was F1 entering the zone. In many cases he still is (with Brown). Many don't notice his great work on the forecheck because he doesn't play the body alot, but the same group don't seem to grasp that there are many different ways to forecheck. The main goal of F1 isn't necessarily to separate the man from the puck, its to disrupt the breakout (many esteemed forecheckers use the body to accomplish this) and allow the rest of the attack to provide support. A mere presence or stick check can accomplish this just as well (see Datsyuk). This is where JDub is quite skilled.

Finally, while I'm not going to argue his defensive play (its proably below average, but good enough for TM to put on the ice a healthy amount....). Using turnover to takeaway ratio on a guy that is suppose to create offense first, is poor way to evaluate a player. This is a player that is suppose to create, you expect turnovers, you don't want to discourage creative play (which is inherently more prone to turnovers) otherwise you end up with static pooring board play that was staple of the TM system.

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