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Originally Posted by Jagorim Jarg View Post
I'll toss up a weak first opinion, to echo what I said in the Introduce Yourself thread:

I don't think it can. It's not segmented like baseball or football. It's too fluid, too complicated, and there are far too many variables to consider. For each statistic shown, it has to be given at least two layers of context to have any meaning. Usually far more.


I agree it's not as easy to isolate stats, and defer meaning, in hockey as it is in baseball or to a lesser extent football. there is more segmentation and isolation of players and outcomes in baseball and football than hockey.

Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
My answer to those who think that it can't be: you're trying to measure too much all at once (or equivalently, you're trying to take too large of a bite).

Start by measuring things that you can measure.

Or work on measuring something better - even in baseball, you can't get a perfectly isolated statistic.

Perfection is the enemy of good. If you know that you can't achieve "perfection", and that stops you from aiming for "good", then we lose in the process.
I agree with what you are saying here but stats are more relevant in baseball, then football, then hockey IMO due to what was said above.

It's an area that should be pursued but in context.

Originally Posted by unknown33 View Post
Don't you think some players start to care and try harder in the playoffs? Not really 'clutchness', but it can't be attributed to randomness either.
some can and other players games are more suited to the playoffs when they is more emphasis on intensity and physical play and intimidation and more often than not they "let more go" in the playoffs than regular season which benefits certain players more than others.

Also the regular season is more of a grind with 82 games, the playoffs have an end in sight and more at stake with a maximum of only 16-24 games.

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