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Originally Posted by UsernameWasTaken View Post
i was being facetious about sharp - and don't hate him...i'm a hawks fan. but i just don't think he's got much of a chance making the team...just because there are so many other players in line before him. he didn't make it in Van - and since then i think that, if anything, more players have moved in line in front of him.

re: Holtby - i have no particular problem with the guy. I think Price is probably better now and will be better a year and a half from now...but, like you said, somebody has to step up.

Maybe i'm wrong...but if Doan and St. Louis didn't make it to Van, i don't see them making it to Sochi. If anything, this team will be harder to make...and I suspect the "holes" left by players from Van who don't come back will be filled by younger players.

As far as the "experience factor"...keep in mind, it's likely that there will be a number of players from Van returning (including those who are captains on their NHL teams...Crosby, Toews, Weber, *maybe* Getzlaf)...and assuming Giroux goes, he'll probably be his team's captain by that point. I'm just saying I don't think purposely adding a "veteran voice" for the the locker room is as important as you're making it out to be.

The other thing about Doan is his on-ice style isn't as valuable in an international competition (with the ice size, rules, and style of play) as it is in the NHL...and the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th line distinction isn't nearly as important at the Olympics...if anything, you end up pretty much with 4 scoring lines.

ETA - I was reading your post again and you raise good points about St. Louis - you're right, he may very well make it. but re: doan...i still think he has no chance...and, frankly, there are enough players i'd put before him i don't particularly want to see him make it.
Thanks for agreeing on St Louis!

I will disagree that the olympics are 4 scoring lines. Russia is like that, but they really have no other choice pretty much. Canada,US and Sweden are filled with offensive players, but also ones who play a complete game(physical and two-way play)

Doan might have lost a step by 2014, but right now I think he is a good role player. I do have young players who play his type of game too like Evander Kane and Jamie Benn, but I think you need more. Especially when playing a team like Russia where you have to shut their offense down, Doan would be a nice help. Speed is important, but not everyone has to play the same game, Doan just brings 1 piece to a team. Also they'll have to match the US physically and Doan could step up then. Likely a lot will change by 2014 though.

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