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Originally Posted by Gabe84 View Post
I don't see a lot of options sadly.

Bergevin could trade picks/youth to get better vets (no thanks).

He could sign one of the few short-term solution (Kostitsyn, Huselius) or Doan who will most likely be looking for a multi-year, $5M+ contract. Not a fan of either solutions.

Or he could stay put and let the young guys develop, keep his multiple picks in 2013 and add more depth to the prospect pool.

You see people in line-up trade suggesting we trade one of our black sheep roster player and a low pick for a much better roster player... Nobody's gonna bite for that. Nobody will take Bourque and a fifth for a better roster player. Nobody's going to give you their Edlers or Hedmans for Kaberle and a 3rd. I'm not saying we're stuck with those guys but... Most likely, we're stuck with those guys. Not that they aren't serviceable. But they were a big part of our last place finish, and no team will take on the multiple years, high salaries with the hope they bounce back. Maybe if they do well early on, they'll have value at the deadline. But as it stands right now, my opinion is that there's only one place in the league where they can prove their worth and it's in Montréal.

The roster is meh but at the same time, I'd rather hope and pray our sucky players have a bounce back year, our good players get better and the things that went well for us last year keep going well than try and go for big move while sacrificing our future just for an 8-10th place finish.

I'm absolutely not talking about tanking here, let it be clear. Just smart management. There's no hurry at this point. No need to get tied up in more bad contracts. No need to ship away a Beaulieu or a Tinordi for a stop-gap.

if MB can find his way to a bold move that sees us add an established elite caliber player who is brought in to be a long-term solution, great... but short of that, better to see a GM with some patience, deal with the crappy $$ he has tied up in mediocre veterans as best he can but no rush to waste assets on short-term holes.

stop-gaps for short-term problems should come at little or no cost, and have little long-term risk on our end, Gainey/Gauthier never mastered that part of asset management but hopefully MB has that one figured out.

Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
I don't like that lineup but I'll defer to others who want to eviscerate it.
beggars can't be choosers... it will take a few years before the god-awful asset moves from the previous regime(s) are properly dealt with. Until then, MB (or whomever would have won the job) has his work cut out for him, walking around with ~15M$ utterly wasted cap space.

Originally Posted by jagielski41 View Post
has cole ever played LW before? bourque a RW before? because im not sure if wingers can just switch sides. i know C's can play wing.

but anyway, i truly believe that gomez will be with the big club this season. i just dont see him get buried in the ahl, bought out or traded.

with that said, as much as i dont want to break up maxpac-dd-cole line, i think we need to bump dd for gomez. the guy desperately needs wingers like those two. i mean nothing will change if gomez plays bottom 6 minutes or with bottom 6 guys.

maxpac-gomez-cole. our new american line. i really hope they try this. gotta give him top 6 wingers. i mean the management has to do whatever it takes to make that 7million worthy.
- i'm pretty sure Cole played mostly at LW prior to this year

- it would be crazy to demote the young, improving playmaking centre for the old, declining playmaking centre... though I would not be shocked to see DD be more productive than Gomez is/would be if lined up with weaker wingers, I'm also pretty sure that we'd see a considerable drop off from that line if Gomez replaced him.

the only way I see Gomez playing in the top-9 at C, is if the team decides that Eller is to be a winger for us moving forward, and we run something like this:

Eller - Pleks - Gionta
MaxPac - DD - Bourque
Cole - Gomez - Armstrong

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