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07-29-2012, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by SniperHF View Post
I don't think those two prospects were ever going to be up, so I consider it a good deal. Though Johnson isn't really that much better than Bloomquist so it probably doesn't help much. Just a little more power in his bat.

It seems like the Dbacks are just going to do some minor tweaks and see if they can sneak into one of these stupid new wild card slots. The future isn't worth mortgaging for those anyway.

It's kind of a lost season at this point TBH. Regression from Young, Kennedy and Upton. Hudson out for the year and sucked before that. Bauer didn't come up and set the world on fire (seems like AZ teams never get this luxury )

Seems like 2008 all over again.
This team is so much better than mediocre though. That's what's so frustrating. Kennedy has been doing better as of late for sure. But our bats, our lineup is tough to beat. That was one of the things about last year, the offense was timely. I just hate how one game we can just pour it on and we get 6+ runs, but the next day we struggle to get 3 hits. It baffles my mind, because this is a good hitting team.

I don't see us doing well against the Dodgers, but I'm hoping we atleast split the series. We can't be losing series at this point. If we split a series(although we should have beat the Mets and not split), we have a decent outside shot. I mean, the Dodgers are still in 2nd in the NL West after there amazing start. This is the Diamondbacks division to lose. If they can just get focused and pull off a 2-3 week stretch of good baseball, we can be just fine. This is such a weak division right now.

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