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Originally Posted by Quattro View Post
wow. really?
I just watched it - it was fantastic.
I guess Kings fans are so used to complaining about something that now that we've won the Cup, they have to turn their venom somewhere. Imagine a few months ago thinking that your biggest gripe as a Kings fan was the quality of the Stanley Cup Championship DVD.
Originally Posted by nocturn View Post
Your second paragraph and your pulpit aside, watch the Boston and Chicago DVD and then tell me what you think of the Kings DVD.
While there's another thread souly about the DVD / Blu-Ray, this could be debated here too I guess ...

Let's compare ...

BOSTON BRUINS "basic" NHL version 2011 ... 2 Disc's (DVD & BluRay) @ 120 min of content

BOSTON BRUINS "SPECIAL EDITION" NHL version 2011 ... 5 Disc's (5 DVD's) @ 340 min of content

CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS "basic" NHL version 2010 ... 2 Disc's (DVD & BluRay) @ 140 min of content

CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS "SPECIAL EDITION" NHL version 2010 ... 5 Disc's (5 DVD's) @ 350 min of content


LOS ANGELES KINGS "basic" NHL version 2012 ... 2 Disc's (DVD & BluRay) @ 90 min of content


LOS ANGELES KINGS "SPECIAL EDITION" NHL version 2012 ... X Disc's (X DVD's) @ ??? min of content ... NOT RELEASED YET

... looking at it, YEAH, we've clearly been HOSED (short changed) on the amount of content WE KINGS FANS got ... 30 minutes less at least in the BASIC Disc so far.

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