Thread: Proposal: BUF-ANA (Bobby Ryan)
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07-29-2012, 11:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Layne Staley View Post
Actually I would.

And now that I think about it , Stafford and Adam > Ryan.

Last year combined they scored 70 points compared to Ryans 57. So that makes them better and more productive ( completely joking but just using a comparison that you made Jame last week saying Anisimov and Dubinsky were better and more productive then Vanek since those 2 scored 70 points combined against Vaneks 61... But I'm sure now you'll say it doesn't count since that stance goes against your guy )

There's no denying Ryan is better then Stafford but he isn't THAT much better. Stafford also gets 1:30 less a game the last 2 years compared to Ryan and you know, the whole line mate thing.
over the last 3 years..
Dubinsky averages 20 goals per 82 games
Vanek averages 30 goals per 82 games

So I guess per your logic... you'd rather have Dubinsky++ over vanek

Originally Posted by Layne Staley View Post
Not true. Vanek averages exactly 10 more goals a season then Dubinsky over the last 3 seasons.That's pretty big, but let's not overrate Vanek too much. Dubinsky makes 3 million less a year.

The difference between Vanek and Dubisnky is NOT Stepan+1st+Hagelin+Dubinsky type deals, not at all. I'd take JT Miller and a 1st along with Dubinsky, which is more then fair.

Bobby Ryan is a better hockey player then Thomas Vanek.

Going out on the trade boards and making comparisons of Ryan to Stafford makes you look like just another HF homer.

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