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Originally Posted by NugentHopkinsfan View Post
Exactly, Sedins never take defensive zone face-offs so obviously they will spend more time in the offensive zone, less shots against, and so on.

They are actually poor defensive players IMO, some other Canucks fans may not agree but I find them weak in their own zone. Don't need a stat to tell me. I mean Im all for people trying to find useful stats, it is interesting and useful in some sports, but I think the best way to evaluate hockey players is to watch them not look for a % or number to describe their play.
Strongly disagree with the bolded. I believe your average hockey viewer does a poor job of evaluating defensive play in hockey. Fans will tend to notice the big mistakes, like a dman blowing his coverage and ending up in no mans land while an opposing player is left alone in the slot, or a bad pinch leading to a odd man rush. However, many won't be able to notice things like solid positioning, covering passing lanes, using his stick effectively and other subtleties of defence.

The Sedins are not bad defensively. They may seem like they are bad because they are average skaters and do not play aggressively, but they are almost always in position and definitely pull their weight defensively.

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