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07-30-2012, 01:47 AM
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A couple of little guys:
Dennis Maruk and Mike Rogers.

I was just looking at a very jnteresting stat..

In 1986, Dennis Maruk, kind of winding down his NHL career, finished 7th overall on the Stars in scoring.

But, he put up an astounding 13 points in 5 games in the playoffs. Why do I find that so amazing? The 2nd leading playoff scorer on the team had but 5 points!
I dont think you see numbers like that often, with that type of disparity.

While I think the 2 little guys I mentioned abover are underrated, there are much better names that have already been mentioned.

Ron Francis is a great one.

But as far as naming guys who werent superstars goes, I thought Thomas Steen was a heckuva player, and is rarely mentioned, unless brought up as being on the unfortunate end of a Gino Odjick beat down.

Dirk Graham was not even signed by the Nucks after being drafted by them...he looked like a sure fire career minor leaguer, but ended up being a fanstastic 2 way player, who was a great leader (team captain) and could fight to boot.

Dave Poulin was another guy who could have played for my team anytime.
Last but not least, I will mention Joe Juneau.

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