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07-30-2012, 03:41 AM
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Originally Posted by WhoahNow View Post
All the scout reports I've read say he has excellent down low puck control, like Jagr does. Protecting the puck while facing the boards making it tough to get the puck away from him. The fact that he is Czech probably adds to the comparison, but from what I heard he plays a similar style anyways.
Originally Posted by Cin View Post
I thinK Forsberg and Jagr had completely different ways of protecting the puck. Forsberg was incredibly quick and agile, so he could just power straight through you. Where Jagr uses his body as a wall and just goes around you.

Stranksy obviously does the Jagr way.
I'll wait until I can actually watch the kid play to make a judgment, and I have seen scouting reports that liken his style to Jagr, I just find the almost universally accepted comparisons of young players to older players of the same nationality dubious.

Still though, for the sake of discussion, there really should be more than the specific way a player protects the puck to compare him to anybody as an overall player rather than that particular attribute. The way his all around game is described doesn't really sound like Jagr.

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