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Originally Posted by vandyfan84 View Post
What exactly does a booster club for an NhL team do? I know what they digit high school football and band and stuff like that.
I was stopping by to talk about the Central Division Tweet Up, but hope you don't mind me answering this from the perspective of a Jackets Backer.

I live in Cleveland so I don't attend many of the events but I get the emails all the time, and wish I could attend many of their events. The Jacket Backers are the "official" Booster club of the team, and with that comes some cool opportunities straight from the team. In addition to doing game watching parties for some of the away games, the Jacket Backers are often invited to special events at the arena.

In the past the team has organized events where they open the doors early to the Jacket Backers and given a behind the scenes tour of the arena before the game. Special post game skates on the ice just for Jacket Backers, as well as breakfasts with representatives of the team.

The biggest benefit to me personally is when the team had extra tickets become available for one of the playoff games, they made them available to Jacket Backers first, and that let me get a pair.

The Jacket Backers organize a couple of road trips every year, and have even in the past gone as a unit to watch the AHL team play and support the prospects.

Originally Posted by vandyfan84 View Post
While we do not have a booster club, we do have te infamous cell block 303. beat that central division!!
Columbus also has a supporters group, the Arch City Army. They've only been around a little over a season, and yes we're jealous of the 303, but the ACA is getting there. They focus on being loud and passionate, and where the Jacket Backers organize family outings to the Zoo with some of the players, the Arch City Army organizes video game tournaments.

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