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07-30-2012, 10:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Bennett View Post
Adam, Stafford, Armia is a tough pill to swallow BUT I think I'd be okay with it. I can't see any reason for the Ducks to reject that offer, unless they really want to keep Ryan (which is a possibility), or want a dman in return.
You mean except for the oft-speculated requirement that they receive a 2C in return, and none of those Sabres fit that bill?

Originally Posted by Der Jaeger View Post
I think Anaheim eventually comes off their requirement for a 2C coming the other way in a trade for Ryan. Howson reportedly wanted Stepan or Kreider, but got neither. How many teams are willing to part with young centers with top 6 potential? I'd say not many. It's probably why the Flyers dropped out of the running, reportedly.

The context of the situation has to be accounted for. If no one is going to give a 2C for Ryan, and Anaheim wants to trade Ryan, then Anaheim must change their demands. Or not trade Ryan.

For me, the real question centers around the internal relationship between Ryan and the Duck organization. If either party, or both, is committed to parting company, then that forces the trade hand a bit in terms of demand. We'll never know that though....

I predict that Anaheim eventually moves Ryan for a good package that doesn't include a true 2C.
The Nash and Ryan situations aren't analogous. Nash wanted out for awhile and the Jackets were trying to trade him for some time. They had to trade him this offseason and everyone knew it. Plus, Nash has a bad contract given the term and his recent production. Ryan has a very reasonable deal, both in term and money. He doesn't have to be moved, either. Not comparable situations.

Boston would do Krejci for Ryan yesterday, and the Ducks would get their 2C. The problem there is they want either Lucic or Dougie Hamilton, too, and that is a dealbreaker. I predict the Ducks and Bruins come to a compromise and Ryan goes to Boston for Krejci, and a good-not-great prospect like Knight or Spooner, and Anaheim gets their 2C.

Originally Posted by Jim Bob View Post
I'm guessing that Anaheim wants something like [Hodgson or Ennis], [Foligno or Armia], and a 1st for Ryan.

I don't see them having any interest in Vanek or Stafford.

And I don't see Regier wanting to pay that price to get Ryan.
Agreed all the way around.

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