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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
bsl, thank you for your posts.

I wonder if part of the reason for our positioning is our geography. You have been in Hong Kong for 15 years. I've been in Columbus for 5 years (where I've witnessed the damage of obsessing over 8th place), and I'm taking 4-year contract in Australia beginning in September. Due to our distance, we are outside of the bubble and can more easily take the sober approach that a 1st round playoff exit is meaningless.

A lot of people in this thread have thrown out the slogan that they have a winning mentality. They pointed to the 2011-2012 senators as an example of success. I like to think I have a winning mentality, and I consider the 2011-2012 Ottawa Senators a failure. IMO, they did no better than Buffalo or Colorado. Yes they made the playoffs, but they were tourists in the playoffs, they didn't make any noise, and they weren't going to.
Your argument is intelligent and reasonable. I agree with it. And I will say so. Many do not agree with it, and no worries, that's why this board is fun.

I think the split on this board, and I've mentioned it before, is between those who have seen the great Habs teams, live, and those who have not.

Cups are the only thing for every single Habs fan over 40. The only thing. It's a bugger on this board because it pits us against loyal young fans, who deserve better.

That is NOT to criticize younger fans. Thank god they are passionate. Every guy on this board loves the Habs, and they have as much right to post here as we do.

Geography plays a part I think. I have not thought of that before. Interesting. It is true that my distance gives me some calm and perspective. It's tough to be embroiled in the Habs every day in Montreal!

The year after year progression of Habs to cups in spring was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The problem may be that younger fans don't know how wonderful this feeling is.

They will see!

PS: Good luck in Aussie! Stay in touch with us. And get used to watching Habs games at work, 9 AM. It's a bugger.

Originally Posted by SOLR View Post
Because one could argue that we have done the right amount of selling as of this month. I understand your philosophy and I'm mostly with it. However, I believe that some of these vets you are ready to trade(as I am) could on the flip side become pivotal.

I think we need to get rid of the players we don't see in our medium term first(Gomez, Bourque, Kaberle: main asset back = cap space) before deciding of the fate of those that could fit there(Gionta -Plekanec - Markov - Cole).

I'm for trading Gionta right now, 50-50% on Pleks, Markov I will need until deadline to know, since he might be able to play until he's 40, at a near elite level and a fair cap hit. Cole can stay as long as he can score 20 and play physically.

I want to trade Gionta because he still has value and:

1) Is too small to fit long term at his career stage. Make no mistake, Bergevin and Duddley will make this team bigger and meaner. Gallagher is the same type of player, but he will be much younger and fresh; that's long as he can produce 40 pts +

2) is not the captain we need(he's not part of Price's sub-group), can we make Gorges captain yet?

3) Seems to have little chemistry with our current centers, it's not working well and we can't wait for Galchenyuk to see if there's magic there...unless...Galchenyuk surprises. I don't want to play Gionta bottom 6 and see his value plummet.
I buy your arguments. Not happening.

The way we treated Saku was bad enough. Gionta is the Captain of the Montreal Canadiens. One of the ten or so most important positions in world sports. Live with it for one or two more years.

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