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07-30-2012, 11:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
Do you know what we are talking about when we talk of the "ceiling"? Because it doesn't mean the odds of making the NHL, it means the odds of being a star in the NHL. Stu Bickel has a better shot of making the NHL than Skjei does, but his ceiling is far lower.

This is just wrong. St. Croix is not very small. We had Thomas ranked in the top-5 and he's significantly smaller than St. Croix, who's 5-11 180 pounds. That's decent size for an offensive kid. And according to reports, he's decently strong, he's just not very tall. But it's not like he's 5-8. At 5-11, height isn't a big deal.

According to almost everyone, the WHL is better defensively and in terms of physical play than either the OHL or the QMJHL. It's the hardest of the three leagues to score in.

That doesn't mean that every other offensive player fails. Dawes was way too over-hyped. He was only 5-8, which is a whole 3 inches below St. Croix. As an 18 year old, Dawes got only 70 points, and not 105 like St. Croix did. St. Croix got 50% more points at the same age. At the age of 19, Dawes still scored only 76 points.

Dawes was never as good a prospect as St. Croix. He was smaller, worse defensively, and not as good offensively.
I know what ceiling means. I'm well aware. I don't care how many points he scored. Stats aren't everything. Again Nigel Dawes put up 92 points one year in the WHL. He was a player of the year finalist in another season in the WHL. How did he pan out? You can't go off of stats. If that were the case then we should've given up on players like Girardi and McDonagh. Heck Montreal did. I'm not saying i don't like MSC, but I am not going to get high on a player just because he scored 105 points in the WHL. It means nothing. Thomas did not produce as much last season as he did two years ago in the OHL, people didn't sour on him but many did back away from their expectations for him.

I should've been more clear about MSC's size. He isn't MSL small....he just plays small. He seems to shy away from physical play. Does not go to the dirty areas. You can claim the WHL is physical all you want but that is nothing in comparison to the NHL, heck even the AHL. I'm not sure he can translate his game to the pro level. I'm not even sure if Thomas can. I do like Thomas better because points aside, Thomas has good speed and a blistering wrist shot. I'm not saying MSC doesn't have good attributes but I do rank Thomas higher for right now. IF MSC goes out and has another solid season then he moves up the ladder.

You point out Dawes' flaws but what about MSC's? You're way too high on him. There are multiple players ahead of MSC in the rangers system that have better upside. Players that bring a better all around game than MSC. Fast plays in a much tougher league. Skjei is 6'3" and can play a solid all around game. A top ranked USA defenseman. Already went over Christian Thomas. I even like Lindberg ahead of MSC. I need to see it again from MSC before I start moving him ahead of players that I think have more promise.

Btw, the stu bickel comparison was awful.

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