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07-30-2012, 11:56 AM
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Originally Posted by m9 View Post
Yes but Shogun is ALWAYS injured, out of shape, coming off surgeries, and gone a long time without fighting. You can't use those as excuses when its likely those are just always going to be there.
That's a very good point.
Originally Posted by m9 View Post
One of the worst decisions of all-time? I thought Shogun won too but most people had it 48-47 either way, or maybe a draw. There are worse decisions on almost every card than that one.
Maybe not a top 5 worst decision of all-time but not far off considering it was a title fight. Shogun won 4 rounds with the other being very close. Shogun landed more shots, better/harder shots and just destroyed his body with kicks. Machida looked like he didn't want to fight by the end of the match. He was completely shocked when they announced him as the winner and rightfully so. I watched the fight with about 12 other people most of whom were casual fans and as someone who had pumped the fight/sport up it was embarrassing. Everyone figured it had to be rigged.

There's definitely not worse decisions on every card. Maybe a few per year tops.

Originally Posted by The Kingslayer View Post
Terrible decision please haha. The decision was warranted. It was a close fight not a terrible omg the bad guy won kinda fight. a terrible decision was Manny vs Bradley
Manny vs Bradley was much worse but you're either blind or biased if you don't think Shogun/Machida was a terrible decision.

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