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07-30-2012, 12:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Jakomyte View Post
There are two major holes in your argument:

1) This '1-year tank' you are talking about gives absolutely no guarantee of short-, mid-, or long-term improvement.
So what? There's no guarantee no matter what you do... that doesn't mean that rebuidling doesn't work.
Originally Posted by Jakomyte View Post
Just ask teams like Edmonton, Columbus, NYI, etc. that have been at or near the bottom of the league forever.
Just ask Detroit, Colorado, New Jersey and Pittsburgh - all won multiple cups rebuilding.

Edmonton has a bunch of 20 year old in their lineup. Way too soon to write them off. Columbus is a terribly managed team who have destroyed prospects. Steve Mason is exhibit A, the latest ripoff of Nash is exhibit X. And the Islanders traded away the following prospects who could've formed the nuclueus of cup winning teams to this day: Luongo, Chara, Spezza, Jokinen, McCabe, Bertuzzi... as well as others. If anything the Islanders are the classic example as to why avoiding rebuilding is a disastrous idea.

Top picks only mean anything if you aren't ruining them or trading them away.
Originally Posted by Jakomyte View Post
I'm sure their fanbases would kill for their team to have a successful season, even if they don't win the cup. There are just as many examples of cup contenders that did not require a series of high draft picks (Detroit, Boston, Philly, NYR, Vancouver) as their are those that succeeded because of their high-pick talent (Pittsburgh, Chicago).
Vancouver has the Sedins. Boston has Seguin and Rask who they ripped off from Toronto. Philly actually just traded for a bunch of propsects to build with. Detroit is actually going to be a pretty poor team going forward as they haven't had top picks in years.

Originally Posted by Jakomyte View Post
2) The Montreal Canadiens are a business, period. You can talk all you want about your strategy will help us win the cup (no proof of that at all), but every single home game, 21,273 fans come to the Bell Centre and want their team to win. Believe it or not, the majority of fans probably don't think about hockey in terms of managerial moves that can help in 5 years (i.e. the HFboards fan), but in terms of "GO HABS, WIN THE GAME!!" The management of the team has the responsibility of providing the best entertainment product available, game in, game out, regardless of whether their team is a 'contender' this year, in order to satisfy fans, and justify the price of their product.
So management has to make short term moves designed for today? That's the most shortsighted thing I've ever heard.

You have things backwards man. It's not management's responsibility to do this, that responsibility rests with the players and coaches. They're the ones who have to go out and give 100% effort every night to win. They are the soldiers trying to take the hill.

The GM is the general. His job is to win the war. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a battle to win the war. And we haven't been willing to do this for years and it's why we are where we are.
Originally Posted by Jakomyte View Post
I certainly paid less attention to the Habs during the latter half of last season, because the games they played didn't matter. Also, there's no way an NHL coach will play his backup goalie ahead of his starting goalie just to reduce the chance of winning, that is ridiculous! You can call me a bad fan, or say "but you missed watching player X develop!", but ultimately I got siginificantly more entertainment value out of the 2009-2010 team that made the conference finals, even if some look back and say they were a fluke/outmatched.
And yet here you are, still following the team. Still writing on their message boards. You're telling me that if the Habs lose for another season everyone's going away? What a load of crap that is.

Fact is that the team will sell out no matter what. The owners will make money no matter what. This pathetic argument about the sky falling if we lose is laughable. If that was the case, we'd have seen the team fold somwhere over the last 20 pathetic years we've seen from the team.

You don't like the idea of a rebuild? That's fine. Deliberately tanking is unethical and the team would never do it? I agree there too. But to suggest that the club is going to lose it's fan base if we lose for a couple of years is nothing more than grasping at straws to try to support the fact that you don't want to see the team rebuild. It does nothing but make you look silly. I read it time and again and it's nothing but BS.

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