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07-30-2012, 12:55 PM
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There are so many players we EXPECT better performance from...MAYBE they do not all have better years but considering we still got 101 pts last year with so many disappointments -IF several--not all of these --have significantly better years -then we should easily get alot morre points and be better in the playoffs;

LEDDY --- improvement would be greater points (say from 37 last year to 47 this year) and better +/- (say from -12 to EVEN) --maybe that gets us 3-4 more wins if he does both those improvements..

KEITH -he rebounded somewhat last year to +15 but this is a far cry from the +30's of the 07/08 and 08/09 seasons when he was so good defensively....IF he can improve another +16 (he was -1 the year before) to get to +31 -that should get us another 5 more wins...

SO if these 2 d-men can get us a total ES improvement of +28 combined over last year--that would be HUGE even if Seabrook ,Hammer and Oduya only stay the same...

BROOKBANK was +11 last year for ANAHEIM-- just repeating that is so much better than O'Donnel Lepisto and Scott gave us..

CRAWFORD ---even a return to good enough mediocrity (.910-.915 save %) helps us win more games...if he could raise his game to elite level (.920 or better) we'd have a lock on th Cup..

KANE--- even getting back to "just" a PPG guy (from 66 to 82 pts ) will help us win 5 more games but if he could jack it up 10 or more above that --again that helps us win another 3 games... He has a lot to prove this year...

SAAD -assuning we do not sign Doan--SAAD will get his big chance in the top six.. 25-30 goals 55-60 pts and +13 would be great --IF he is fully ready to impact...
(those would be the projected totals for 82GP ---adjust down if season start is delayed by lockout)..

Others who could "rebound":

BICKELL : 20 goals 20 assists + 10
BOLLAND : 20 goals 35 assists +15

AND A FULL YEAR OF SHAW (buffed version 192 lbs or more): 26 goals 25 assists
and +15 ...

a much more effective 3rd line...

again not all of these improvements will occurr (however if they all do --put us down for the Cup) ---but if only half of these improve --we willbe better and get a lot more wins...

To suggest ZERO improvement from any of the above is to get Q and his staff AND Stanbow all fired...

I can't see us just being the same as last year..surely we get SOME of the above to give us improvement.

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