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07-30-2012, 01:25 PM
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Help with backyard rink.

So I searched the forums and didn't find anything glaringly obviously on a how to for backyard rink building, which stinks...cause I need one lol.

So a little background. I would like to build a backyard rink, unknown size but it will be a minimum of 20' wide and an unknown length. Basically I need advice. My yard itself is very uneven and is where my headache pretty much starts. I do not have the money to fill it or dig it, and I honestly don't have the want to do it either. I have just found out that a store just down the street from me will provide multiple amounts of pallets for me to use as boarding. Which cuts on the cost a bunch.

Now what I need is how to level the area with just the boarding? As well as how to either make plastic lining waterproof. I did some research and found that Home Depot sells painters plastic lining in ridiculous length but the width is only 6' or so. Now I could use this and just layer it on top each other but how to I make the seams waterproof?

Overall, a step by step guide on the cheapest most efficient way to build a rink is all I need. I have time to acrue all this stuff so I'm not worried.


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