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Originally Posted by Ludicrous Speed View Post
I believe I posted this in one of the draft threads prior to the draft, but here's a great article on Murray. Gives a lot of insight as to the kind of player he really is, and most of the praise comes from not only scouts, but first-hand takes from coaches, teammates, and his former GM in Everett. This was the article that pushed me over the edge on wanting Murray at 2.

edit: my favorite quote from the article: "But the way he plays, he's so positionally sound, he makes all the right moves, he does everything he's supposed to when he's on the ice even his shots. When he takes a shot, he's not always looking or trying to drive it through (on goal); he's looking at angles."

this is a vintage Nick Lidstrom quality. Lidstrom would never win any type of hardest shot contest, but he keeps his head up and looks at the bodies in front of the net, more like he's passing it than anything. It makes for a more accurate and deceptive shot for the goalie to stop. That's why I believe Murray's offensive game will transfer over fluidly to the next level.
Thanks for sharing, excellent article. It's like I've seen mentioned (and mentioned myself) on these boards before: While Griffin Reinhart may have more "tools", Murray has the "tool box"... some people compared Dan Fritsche to Eric Staal and Nathan Horton in his draft year. The difference between the three? Staal and Horton actually knew the game of hockey ... Fritsche may have had the hands, shot, and size; but he lacked the vision. Big difference in their careers ... Ryan Murray is a difference maker, and immediately makes our team so much better.

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