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07-30-2012, 01:47 PM
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Originally Posted by vanwest View Post
I can see why Florida would do it. Markstrom is probably 3 or 4 years away from being an NHL starter, assuming that he even makes the jump successfully. In the meantime they upgrade their goaltending and get a great mentor for Markstrom. If Markstrom pans out then you have the luxury of having two good goalies for the 5th and 6th year of Luongo's contract or can use the outs in Luongo's contract to trade him. Florida won't overpay but I can definitely see why they would be interested instead of waiting to see how Markstrom develops.
I think most people disagree with that statement. Everyone except for Vancouver fans seem to think Markstrom is 1-2 years away. He played 32 games in the AHL this year with great stats as well as 7 games in the NHL this year with great stats. He's been considered one of the top top goalie prospects in the world for a few years, and will be 23 this upcoming season.

Rask became a starter at age 23 and then lost it to a Vezina/Conn Smyth winner.
Price became a starter at 20.
Fleury became a starter at 20.
Schneider was already playing like a starter and splitting the role at 24-25, while Markstrom would have Theodore to share duties with at that age.

That's a comparison to similarly highly touted/highly drafted goalie prospects who actually maintained their good play after being drafted. So why do you expect Markstrom to not become a starter until he's 26-27 and then still need another 1-2 years after that of sharing the crease with Luongo? Effectively not becoming a fully fledged starter until the age of 28-29?? When other goalies of similar pedigree became starters at his current age or younger?

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