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07-30-2012, 02:06 PM
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Originally Posted by 416Leafer View Post
I think most people disagree with that statement. Everyone except for Vancouver fans seem to think Markstrom is 1-2 years away. He played 32 games in the AHL this year with great stats as well as 7 games in the NHL this year with great stats. He's been considered one of the top top goalie prospects in the world for a few years, and will be 23 this upcoming season.

Rask became a starter at age 23 and then lost it to a Vezina/Conn Smyth winner.
Price became a starter at 20.
Fleury became a starter at 20.
Schneider was already playing like a starter and splitting the role at 24-25, while Markstrom would have Theodore to share duties with at that age.

That's a comparison to similarly highly touted/highly drafted goalie prospects who actually maintained their good play after being drafted. So why do you expect Markstrom to not become a starter until he's 26-27 and then still need another 1-2 years after that of sharing the crease with Luongo? Effectively not becoming a fully fledged starter until the age of 28-29?? When other goalies of similar pedigree became starters at his current age or younger?
What about Pekke Rinne? Ryan Miller?

For every Jon Quick, there is a guy who is developed slowly...

I'm of the opinion that Cory Schneider was developed almost as good as you can possibly develop a goalie.

3 years in college.

3 years in the AHL- two splitting time, finalized with a 60 game season with a starters work load.

Followed by a slow introduction to the NHL game (25 games behind a Vezina Candidate, followed by a more 1a/1b season with 35 games).

Cory Schneider was in the position that Markstrom is now. If he followed that same development plan, Markstrom would be inline for 40-50 starts in the AHL next year, and possibly one more the year following, then would be inline to start 20-30 NHL games in 3 years, possibly 35-40 the following year.

So in 5 years, Florida may be in the same predicament Vancouver is now...what might be missed by the casual observer, is that Markstrom has had 2 (?) knee surgeries at his young age. I'm not saying that is a massive concern, or makes him a bad prospect, but he's still just a prospect, and not one I'd be comfortable banking the future of my franchise on. Nor do I think feeding him to the Wolves earlier than later is the best option for him.

I think Florida is a good fit for Luongo for more reasons than just hockey, but I don't really see them being in a position to move their prospects...I think last year was a fluke, and I don't see them competing for the division or a playoff spot this year, even with Luongo (definitely not sold on their goalies now).

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