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Originally Posted by windycity View Post
better defensively
better checker, more physical
more creative, better shot

he can dominate when he wants to as inconsistent as he is, Bourque just isn't as good. But I still don't think AK's that great, hence the ST deal if at all
I disagree with that part. AK is not better defensively, Bourque might not be great defensively but is actually serviceable on one of the league's best pk units. AK biggest problem defensivly was always the same things, wrong side of the opposing players, not dumbing the puck deep enough on line changes, and IMO that is why coaches were always hard on him.

But agree with the rest, but what has that better shot, more creativeness, gotten AK, he got two play with tops in Plek and Cammy but has always come up short. I mean stats gotta mean something, I read once that Bourque has scored 72 goals in the past 3 years compared to AK 50 something.

I think they are very similar players, I just like the fact that you can at least put Bourque on the pk when he is lazy, with AK you can't. In the 2010 playoff run, he was the most useless player, in 19 games, played all with Plek and Cammy, had 3 goals that all came in 1 game

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