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07-30-2012, 02:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Twi2teD View Post
WOW! You're out to lunch on this one Kriss. Nashville has some of the best management in the nhl. Great teams don't let spoiled superstars get their way, whether you're the skate sharpener or the captain, rules are rules. You truly don't understand team sports if you really believe what you are saying. "boohoo"? This is the playoffs man! I could see guys getting outright released for something like that in the NFL. Missing curfew by a full hour on the night before the biggest game of the year? Babcock sure as hell wouldn't let that slide, but then again, he wouldn't have a Radulov on his team anyway.

No disrespect Kriss.
I don't think it has to come down to ''if you have a different opinion, then you don't understand team sports''.

I do get that there are team rules to follow, but that should never get in the way of the main and sole objective: win.

When you leave your two leading scorers out, you diminish your team's chances of winning.

Did their message really change anything? No. They lost the series. Radulov is back in the KHL, AK won't get re-signed, Suter is gone, Weber wanted out.

The guys didn't get into a fight, they didn't party and got in high, they came home one hour late. One freaking hour. Maybe they met some girls, and time flew by. Maybe their diner reservations ran late. Really, who knows. All that we actually know is that they got in one hour late. Not something that warrants a suspension imo.
If they had some massive offensive depth, might have been different, but Radulov and AK were their best offensive forwards since the start of the POs.

I know that if I'm a player, I'm not too pleased to hear that our two best forwards are gonna be scratched because they missed curfew by an hour. I don't even care if they're dicks. I want to put all odds of winning on my side, not cripple me.

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