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Originally Posted by Jigger77 View Post
Think for a minute about how much of a difficult decision it must have been to bench Radulov. The guy is a supposed franchise player you have been fighting to get over for years. And to a lesser extent your deadline acquisition AK who already had off-ice issues in Montreal. This is not a high school team benching decision. This involves big money, people's careers, the entire Nashville organization's reputation, a window for the Stanley Cup, you name it. It's a huge, huge decision.

Then ask yourself what they must have done to deserve that. Missed curfew by an hour? Yeah, right.

Do I know for sure they were drinking? No. Do you know they weren't? No. I do know where there is smoke there's usually fire and I know that I believe they were out drinking the night before that game because they looked flat. When you read the stories and the following suspension that ensued it's pretty easy to put two and two together imho.
First off, what off-ice issues did AK have here?

No they didn't. AK scored a goal that game, and was pretty decent for the limited time he got. Radulov had some offensive chances as well, but Keith Jones for some reason decided to take a couple of bad shifts and zoom on those. But essentially, the whole team didn't look great, which isn't an anomaly for afternoon games.

You want to assume that they were out drinking or whatever, that's fine, just don't speak of it as if it's actually a factual statement. It isn't.

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