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07-30-2012, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Parasoad View Post
Yeah I have lots of family in the Sherbrooke area and Bishop has a pretty bad reputation . My uncle didn't want to bring his daughters to the Sherbrooke- Bishops games because of the behavior of the Bishops fans. Back in the day, my father (francophone) used to date an Anglo from Bishop. He told me that the people there were pretty wild. Definately seems like a wild, party school.
One of our wide receivers wrote an article for the school website about how disappointed he was in the fans, how we don't go to support them, we just go and get hammered in the parking lot and come in in the second half. People just basically stopped showing up for games after that, the whole article was super condescending, why don't you try winning a game every once in a little while?

Lacrosse games are a party, and the players love it, always posting statuses for us to show up and get rowdy. They have their own DJ and they play party music between plays. That's how you get fans on your side, that and winning the national championship!

I play rugby, and it's less of a party, but we do encourage people to come drink and have a good time, we love the support, so I don't know where football gets off complaining about us getting rowdy at their games.

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