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Originally Posted by ThirdManIn View Post
I think the point was, despite his community service, Nash wasn't a very good hockey captain. It was a critique of his on-ice leadership while pointing out his great off-ice efforts.
I wasn't dogging on Nash at all...

my point, which I didn't explain... sorry.... was about the "comfortableness" of Columbus as a city. Kind of like Nashville is "comfortable"... We don't stop the players in the grocery store and tell them they played horrid, etc. Kind of resonated when I remembered the remark that I think Gill made here. (that he thought nashville was comfortable, and there wasn't the same "intensity" in the marketplace or in the team..... that it would be easy to become complacent)

Are we too nice? Too hospitable? Is there a balance between intensity and comfortableness? Or should there be when you're playing a professional sport?

Maybe the things that make Nashville a nice place to raise a family work against us in producing a culture of intensity on the ice.

edit.... the article wasn't dogging on nash... it was very long and well thought out, it's a good read.... it was just this section that made me compare this to nashville.

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