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Originally Posted by Chris Cutter View Post
Well I don't know, it's not that stupid of an idea. Having Plekanec on the wing (where he started when he first broke out in the league) gives him less responsibilities 5-on-5 and I always find that for a center his playmaking abilities are not the greatest. If we were to play Plekanec in that kind of role I assume it would be to have a fresh Plek come playoff time. If we were to give a shot to that kind of experiment I wouldn't be against a Plekanec - Eller - Gionta line like suggested since Eller has shown in the post (although in an inconsistent way) that he can fill in and shut down elite players (think of the Vancouver game when he was shutting the Sedins down).

But at the same time it's kind of a dilemma, why ruin a good and guaranteed thing in Plekanec at center when you know what to expect. Anyway I feel like this year is the best one to experiment if we're gonna be a bubble team since all of our prospects are gaining solid experience in the AHL anyway.
You are hitting the mark here: utilization.

In recent years we have overstretched Pleks usage. And we have been complaining that he is out of gas comes year end.

Lets keep his prowess has a center for the PP-PK. But 5-on-5, use him primarily as a winger. At off times he'll take faceoffs and finish a shift at center. But the idea is to groom Eller as a better center.

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