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Originally Posted by InglewoodJack View Post
What exactly is "frosh"? Is it like an organized thing, or do you just go drinking and whatever?

Also, is it restricted to your own program?
In short... the greatest week of your life.

It's basically a week's worth of activities for new students to get to know each other and to have a fun time before having to buckle down and hit the books. It's fully structured with different events going on each day. Will there be a lot of drinking? Yes. Do you have to drink? Absolutely not.

I'm actually in the process of organizing YOFO right now (CASA-JMSB's Frosh) for all first year JMSB students. I would HIGHLY suggest you make it out to everything... you won't regret it based on what we've got planned for JMSB Froshies.

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