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12-02-2003, 08:51 PM
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I'm really mad at all these "Trade Koivu" stuff.

The only way I'd consider trading Koivu is if somehow scientists managed to make the whole Ted Williams/DNA/Jurassic Park thing work with a Maurice Richard clone. And even then... a Richard clone would be playing for Montreal, so no need to make a trade.

I mean, when you're a fan you're not supposed to only care about the team's record. You're supposed to care about what the team means to you. What he means to the CH fans and the city of Montreal can't really be measured in the win-loss column.

Sure, he probably won't bring the cup to Montreal, but then again, what single player has done that? Gretzky (arguably the player of all time) had Messier, Kurri, Coffey, etc. Lemieux had a very strong supporting cast too. Let's go even by (according to most americans) the greatest team sports player of all time - Michael Jordan. Jordan didn't win anything until the Bulls had a strong support cast surounding him. In soccer, Pele played IMO in the best team of all time.

Like various posters before have said, Koivu is not part of the problem, he is very much a part of the solution. What we need is to build through the draft, be patient, and hope that the Habs have a team (not centered around Koivu) good enough to win the cup while Koicu is still in Montreal ie avoid what the Bruins did with Bourque.

Say for example BG manages to trade Koivu for Forsberg, Thornton or Lecavalier. That one single player still won't get us the cup. And, I'd bet good money on the fact that there's no other player in any other city that is more cherished than Saku is in Montreal.

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