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McCaber16's GM Connected League Xbox 360: Sim Only *Taking Reserves**

I am a big EHM player and love the idea of outsmarting other GM's so naturally I'd like to start a GM Connected league that was purely sim. It would likely require the smallest advance time period. I really want to have 30 active GM's all committed a fast moving SIM league with every GM aiming for the most cups in 25 years.

I will start with being the commissioner but would like the option to transfer commissioner title to another person in case something comes up and I can't devote the time. If this is an option, Stockey has volunteered.

Who's in?

We will stick with first come first serve for now and see what everyone thinks.

We will begin the league after the first roster update is available after the first day or two of the real NHL season. (Around Oct. 12th)

** I am still considering doing roster randomization.

**TRADING BLOCK** Please go to this link: ( find your team tab and fill in your trading block and any other information you would like to share. It may be that this will not be needed once we have the game but we can deal with this for now. Please include how to contact you whether it be HFBoards PM or email.

**All Deals Void w/ Trade Freeze Until After First Advancement** (Refer to post #318 for explanation)

Preliminary Rules (All of which can be changed)

1. If for any reason a team has become AI controlled there will be no trading allowed with this team. This will prevent the inevitable ability to cheat the trading system.

2. If both teams facing each other decide to coach the game than it's permitted and if not the game will be simmed.

3. **Changing Rule** Draft picks further than the following season immediately after the current season cannot be traded. (Ex. Trade deadline season 1 - can trade season 1 and 2 picks Not season 3 picks. I won't to deter teams from trading massive amounts of picks away and then quitting, leaving a team with no hope.

4. If Nashville, you can't trade Weber until the following July 1st since he signed an offersheet and Nashville matched. Keeping with CBA rules. This rule will be forced on all other matched offersheets if this isn't enforced within the game.

5. Current no trade clauses won't be honoured. Too hard to sort out all the little details.

I encourage you to voice your opinion on any rules discussed here. I want to create a fair league that fairly represents the real NHL as mush as possible.

Anaheim: jayminator
Boston: A5Wagyu
Buffalo: Stockey (Stockey10)
Calgary: trujew
Carolina: mrthejarret (jarret10)
Chicago: dbridge92 (bicktacular)
Colorado: michiganfan1 (Michiganfan1)
Columbus: Stlblues44 (STLxSniperx44)
Dallas: taloncarde
Detroit: Garfinkel1
Edmonton: nickpats (Gramps2442)
Florida: R - Sn1pets (XxCup Of ReFxX3)
Los Angeles: Reggie Hauser (Reggie Hauser)
Minnesota: 7even
Montreal: Ihavenocreativity (dominiciscanadi)
Nashville: Iggythekidd (XxUnitttxX)
New Jersey: bringbacktherats (watsonianrager)
New York Islanders: ChibiPooky
New York Rangers: frolundasweden
Ottawa: kellogs
Philadelphia: OG Newman (OG Newman)
Phoenix: stlblues44 friend (daquad60)
Pittsburgh: korndog81 (korndog81)
San Jose: fst6 friend (motoextreme)
St. Louis: fst6 (Oshie N Reaves)
Tampa Bay: manchester (ricky707)
Toronto: McCaber16 (SkatingIsTough)
Vancouver: Djblue (DJ Blue)
Washington: The nuge (spoolymcboostin)
Winnipeg: seanahue

Reserve List
R - Bleafer


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