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Originally Posted by Shady Machine View Post
There are 3 40 goal scorers and 1 20 goal scorer. Duper is a not a consistent 20 goal guy. Who are these "few 20+ goal scorers"? We most definitely need to improve our top 6. I don't get why that's such a controversial statement. Like we are somehow spoiled because we want our star centers to play with better players.

Goal scoring in the regular season won't be a problem, but if you roll with Kunitz-Sid-Duper, that line can be shut down in the playoffs. Focus on Sid and make Duper and Kunitz skate through the team. Not going to happen.
Dupuis, Kunitz and TK have all proven that they have the ability to score around a 20 goal pace with Matt Cooke being not far off. Are those guys complimentary players who leech off of Sid and Geno? Absolutely. But what line doesn't work that way to some degree? There's nothing controversial about saying the top 6 needs help, it's just not really very accurate or realistic in my opinion.

It's like some of you guys don't realize that having the top two centers in the world comes at a price. Not only do we have the top two centers/players in the world, but we also have a very young 40 goal winger, a Norris caliber dman(with possibly a couple more stud dmen on the way) and a 5 mil starting goalie(and probably the best backup in the league). I mean there's only so much good fortune and money to go around. We're not going to have aces at every position in the lineup whether we have the money for it or not. Other teams do exist.

Edit - And even if your assertion that it's only "three 40 goal scorers and one 20 goal scorer" is true, how many teams can currently claim to have three 40 goal scorers in their top 6?

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