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12-02-2003, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by cwthrash
But Safronov just hasn't been impressing anyone lately. He hasn't been consistent, and for whatever reason has been taking steps backward instead of forward. He's talented enough sure, but we all know talent is only a part of the package needed for the NHL. In time, he may turn it around. I really can't say, not a scout nor will ever claim that I can judge a player's potential. But he was expendable, and not a huge loss for Atlanta right now.
I agree its not a huge loss but I think the Thrashers could use more of a Safronov (I've been a fan since he was drafted and was really excited to see him moved to Atlanta) than a Kloucek since they have better a version of him in Exelby. I guess I could understand the move more if Tomas wasn't so plagued by injuries since you can never have too many of those types. I just find it weird to deal a young offensive defenseman (granted he still a work in progress), an area the Thrashers lack, for a defensemen in the same mold of two of their top young d-men with injury problems on top of that. To throw in the best offensive player in the deal on top of that...its just perplexing.

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