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07-30-2012, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by piqued View Post
People were describing his game that way before the Stars acquired Jagr.
Was definitely not trying to imply that it had anything to do with Jagr now being a Star.

Originally Posted by piqued View Post
Theoretically there should be some justification for players that hail from the same country having a higher likelihood of being a good comps. Maybe one watched the other when growing up and patterned their game after him. Maybe they were both products of a similar youth system. It's undeniable that certain countries tend to produce players who, on the whole, have certain similarities when viewed against everyone else.
I can buy this but it only goes so far. Lazy journalists are the most guilty of this and their opinions become part of the accepted discussion on the topic of the player. The same thing happens in other sports, sometimes along nationality lines, sometimes along racial lines.

I'll stand by my reserving actually making a comment on this specific player because I haven't watched him play; seems I'm not exactly alone in that department though yet some people don't have a problem parroting what they've heard and read.

Originally Posted by piqued View Post
But in this case I do believe it's warranted from that particular aspect.
This is what I'm really getting at though. These comparisons don't seem to just be that Stransky "protects the puck like Jagr". They seem to take that one aspect of his game and make the general comparison, or if the scouting reports themselves don't lazy fans do.

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