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Originally Posted by sketch22 View Post
Because who is going to go against the other teams top lines if Bolland is going to chase offense with the top 6? Boyle has never been a shutdown center and taken on the other teams top lines consistently. His numbers defensively are not very good. Boyle is inconsistent physically and sub par offensively. Need I go on?
Really? Rangers fans seem to think that he is quite good defensively....

"Boyle does a lot for the Rangers. He's very good defensively for a forward. We just came 2 wins away from the SCF with him as 3c"

"There's nothing wrong with Boyle at 3C. He's big, very good defensively, and capable of potting 15."

"Boyle's role is a shut down type checking center, Torts will not use him in a goalscoring role as he typically leans on 3 lines instead of 4. Boyle eats a bunch of really tough minutes and is a leader on the PK, plus like was said he is good for about 15 goals. There is no need to acquire a 3rd line center."

And there's more.

So now you've been beaten down with statistics and reports from actual Rangers fans.

If you don't want to trade Olsen for him, fine, but to suggest he's not a good fit on the third line center on a team hurting for center depth is just incorrect.

Check please.

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