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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
The correlations I presented you in the preceding post were correlations of one year over the next.

The correlations you're presenting are over a 10-year period. That's a completely different statistic.

It's well known in statistics that over extremely long periods of time correlations drop to zero. The reason for that is that you're no longer comparing the same thing. No team in the NHL resembles what it looked like 10 years ago.
I was not pointing out correlations, I was pointing out the complete opposite in case you noticed.

What exactly is a crapshoot to you?

There is one SC winner a year in the NHL. Out of the last decade, 9 out of a possible 9 teams have won. In addition, 14 out of a possible 18 teams have made the finals.

What exactly, about the above, does not strike you as a crapshoot?

If this trend continues for two more decades, every single team will have won the cup.

Most teams don't even resemble what they looked like 3 years ago, though you keep grasping onto the fact the Habs played well when they were a completely different team with Hamrlik and Kovalev.
Kovalev wasn't on the team 3 years ago, but thanks for playing. And BTW, yes, the Habs team resembles quite well to the team that made the conference finals 3 years ago. Before Kosty, Gill and Cammy were traded, it was more or less the same team.

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