Thread: Speculation: Cracking the lineup
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07-30-2012, 11:54 PM
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Tis the same threads over and over, but oh well, least this can being constructive, unlike all these Leafs are doomed, and the clouds give me a sore back ones.

I believe Kadri will be a full timer this year, though where exactly no one knows, but he will be somewhere on the 1st-3rd line, and Carlyle will see where he is at in his development, and place him accordingly.

Holzer I would like to see make the line up. I can really only see him as a 5/6, or quite possibly if he is great defensively and care do the minutes in the NHL, could slide in beside Phaneuf to create a solid stay at home much like Aulie did... Least till we have a 1/2 ready in hopefully Reilly. But with a stay at home coming in, and Komisareks size, and a system that plays more to his likely, I could see Gunnarsson being the odd man out. (Not an attack at him at all, he is a very reliable defenseman, but he has value, and if size is what Burke wants, a roster spot has to open, and I see this as making the most sense, as they would have a similar role, and Gunnar gives us return)

Wild Card : If another spot is potentially open on the leafs I would have to go with 4th line left wing, seeing as we have lost crabb, and only other person that could possibly make a good "energy" line is Lombardi, but I can see Burke/Carlyle wanting a bit more strength to fill the hole, and "get bigger" interally, and not through some wild trade like most of us expected. Devane might be ready to fill such shoes, if that is an avenue the Leafs decide to take, or maybe even Broll, though he would benefit greatly from another year down.

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