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12-02-2003, 10:05 PM
Larry Fisher
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G2K is right fellas or at least in my mind. MacT knows the game but struggles to get the finer points across to some of his payers...the important ones.

Last year i was all for signing a MacT extension, even though many were calling for his head. The main reason was although we weren't scoring we had talent coming up through the system. I thought give MacT a couple years to preach his defensive game and when all is said and done the current all-stars will be coherant vets and the youngsters will be responsible at both ends.

Problem is this year our PK is ranked at 27th. This tells me that although MacT was a strong defensive presence in his day the team was feeding off Machants two-way game and his ability to teach the PK...although i know that will improve in time to about 15-18...MacT or no MacT.

Next thing i want to bring up is face-offs. I was under the conception that MacT was a key face-off guy for most of his career. Taking a face-off can be taught and i don't care what anybody don't even really have to know how skate to win a draw. MacT was good in his day but i am guessing players like Stoll have learned from past coaches. Point is, the Smyth at center ordeal has gone far enough and MacT is just not good at getting his knowledge across to his players.

Offence is not the problem this time around, although it has been of late. But i still feel bringing in somebody who played an offensive minded game and has coaching experience to work with Simpson and maybe Huddy is in our best interests. Moores was to blaim on these boards for the bad PP last we rank 30th, i sure hope that is not an improvement in you eyes. It is time for him to go. I think i have explained the two reasons that MacT deserves to be canned but the line juggling just tops it off. Simpson should be promoted from "so-called" special teams to an assistant coach and we should bring in at least another assistant and a new head coach to fill the foids. I haven't looked into the situation and i won't bring up Ted Nolan but i do feel a coaching change should be a priority and maybe even above a Comrie deal.

I guess i am just insuring my agreement with G2K and i too feel that by next year the coaching staff will be significantly changed or the seats will be significantly emptier at Rexall Place.

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