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12-02-2003, 10:08 PM
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Originally Posted by gretzky2kurri
What a surprise. The dawgbone "school of high hockey knowledge' is on the scene to make everything right and take me to school again.

How phucking predictable is that?

It's like nobody can come on here with an opinion without going through the mandatory "Dawgbone school of upper hockey knowledge" and a LONG WINDED DISECTION of their post. I'm pretty sure it wears on alot of posters. Especially when most of what you are serving up is a bunch of recycled hot air. Tiresome. And it's rarely that we are partly wrong.........we're just always COMPLETELY wrong.

Tell me something.......are you related to Craig MacTavish or something? Because the guy can NEVER do anything wrong in your eyes. It's like he's your god or something. What, did he give you an autographed hockey stick or something?

I'm calling you out to dig up ONE post were you said something REMOTELY negative about MacT. It's like he's bloody perfect or something. Just ONE comment. Nobody is perfect Dawgbone. That's right................not even you.

You seem like a pretty smart guy Dawgbone. But your blind love (that's right) for coach MacT is so blatantly obvious that I'm almost embarrassed for you.

I can accept that you disagree. But do you ALWAYS feel a need to treat other posters like they have only been watching hockey for only a month?

Again, tiresome and very predictable.
This is the exact post that annoys me about people on hear at times. YOu share you opinion - as misguided as I thought it was I read and respect it. DB responds to it with stuff that I generally agree with - and you come back with nothing but personal attacks for him tying to show the other side of the spectrum. You tried to create a witch hunt and he opposed you. He isn't taking you to school - he was mearly responding to your criticism. I echo the sentiments of others - if DB is wrong - prove it to him. Why puss out with a personal attack, to me that just proves your inability to justify your post. One thing to keep in mind in all of this is neither opinion can been proven 100% right or wrong. it is personal opinion and observation. You think MacT is brutal, me and DB disagree. The fact remains MacT is well respected in the hockey community and his value is evident. He was close to going to broadway or even TO before signing with Edmonton. If he is that pathetic why would to of the NHL's more storied franchises be interested in his services?

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