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Originally Posted by PSUCapsFan View Post
That's a losers attitude. You better not go into the work place with that kind of thinking lol.
That's why I freelance. No insipid middle management and I get to pick clients that either know what they want and why they want it the way they do or know not to get in the way.

I've had a few managers who had the type of lifetime security from the company owners that McPhee has and who took their work about as seriously as McPhee does. All the hard workers under them either stopped going above and beyond and settled into a nice 40 hours a week routine or got up and left. Ovechkin can't leave so he might as well just keep putting in the 40 hours a week and have fun until McPhee gets a better idea of how to run the team other than dumping the whole load on his shoulders. "Hey, we fired your best friend who is also the only other guy who has a similar skillset to you, so now instead of having coffee breaks and friendship you can use your newfound loneliness and increased responsibilities to work harder and give your company more of yourself". I'm sure all the hard working college graduated bros on here who know life would be like OKAY BOSS YES THIS IS DOG and do exactly that. I mean that's how middle management thinks so it must be true.

I had to babysit a guy for a year who couldn't bother to learn 10 ****ing lines of C# so he could simply reuse my code and get the **** on with his life. That's keeping around Jeff Schultz for 8 years. I had to take on an extra job because we let go the only admin who knew what he was doing rather than give him a meager raise and couldn't bother to find his replacement for 4 months, and the people who were actually supposed to fill the void from within had no idea what how to do his job and were too busy already being overwhelmed with mundane crap. That's letting Semin go and counting on Wolski and Brouwer to make up the difference. Like **** they will. It's all gonna fall on Ov's shoulders. **** all that. Ovie, I'm with you all the way bro. Get that **** wet son.


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