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07-31-2012, 02:46 AM
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Originally Posted by Cardiac_Canes View Post
How can you live here and hate all the Canadian teams so much? And I always get a laugh out of people pointing out how no Canadian hockey teams have won the cup forever. Where do you think most hockey players come from? Where do you think most of the players on the cup winning canes team came from?
When people on a daily basis point to you when you're wearing a 'Canes jersey and tell you your team sucks soley because it's from a non traditional market it wears on you, same thing can be said when the media does it (and they do)

For ie, I remember when the Oiler's won the draft some guy on Sportsnet (name eludes me atm) said that "Columbus fans are devestated. All 12 of them."

Stuff like that is unmeritted and poor journalism. It's one thing to mock a rival or something, hell, even from Calgary, Alberta, I still poke fun at NC State fans (I went to ECU)

Q: Do you know what the average NC State student gets on their SAT's?

A: Drool.

Stuff like that is good natured fun and healthy, but when people needlessly hate on something for no reason other than it's not traditional, then it really irks me, and I'll die a happy man, if a Canadian team never wins a cup in my lifetime.


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