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07-31-2012, 04:07 AM
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For the forward, I'm really giving it to the young guys, but this is speculation and I could change my mind if some veterans show that they can still play well. For me, J. Staal won't make the team since we already have a 2-way center with more talent (Toews) and Crosby who is good all around.

Neal-Toews- Sharp
Hall-Tavares- Eberle

HS depending on who has the better seasons: J. Staal, E. Staal, Getzlaf, Richards, Nash

Green- Letang


other HS: Depending on who has the better seasons: Phaneuf, Myers, Del Zotto, Subban. Not sure about Myers since he's the one I watch the least, but I hear some great things about him so I included him. Maybe a prospect from a draft could even sneek in like Murray, Reinhart, Dumba or even Seth Jones who knows.

Goalies will depend on who will have the best seasons, but if we go according to potentiel then this is how I see it. If those 4 can play at their 100% ,then any of them is a great choice although the USA will also have a pretty strong goalie pool as well.


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