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07-31-2012, 05:18 AM
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Originally Posted by EddieTheEagle View Post
I'm not worried about Toews and the core wasting away and I'm not worried about winning the Cup next year. Unless one of our prospects steps up in a huge way, we won't win it.

If anyone here thinks that we could win the Cup by making a move for a UFA that is available right now, you're insane. The pieces that we need aren't available on the market right now and I'm glad Bowman isn't spending for the sake of spending.

Why not make a trade for the right pieces? No because we'd probably have to over pay massively. Why? Because our prospects values are all so low right now. No one knows what any of these kids can really do in a solid NHL role. This is the year we finally see what we have in the cupboards. I'm sorry to all the fans that want the Cup next year but I'm glad that Stan isn't as short sighted as you are.

If our middle of the road prospects play well during the season and end up creating some value for themselves (like Shaw has done), then why not use them when their value is highest and get someone proven who can fill the holes for this team. Who knows what guys may be available by trade deadline next year?

As for the arguments against the D. I understand we lacked in overall team defense last year, I watched the games like all of you did. I believe a lot of our lowly rankings in GA comes from goaltending. And you know who knows this better than anyone? Corey Crawford. He knows last year was a sh*tter, you don't think he wants to rebound as well? And can it really get much worse than our goaltending was last season? If he plays average, the Hawks are a great team. Hell, they were first place for a chunk of last season. If he plays average, this team competes at a very high level.

Can the PP get worse? Probably not. We'll be better off. Can the team D get much worse? Probably not. I'm sure Q and the staff realize that we lacked an overall sense of responsibility towards our own zone. Maybe it is just because I am optimistic but I really feel that this team is in far better shape than a lot of you can see.

The Cup isn't coming this season, stop complaining about a lack of moves. Let's see what we have in prospects, create some value, and really solidify this team for the future through trades or our available cap space for the next off season.
I really hope you post more here...

well thought out and some good arguments are made

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