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07-31-2012, 08:23 AM
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Roy was USHL`s player of the year and forward of the year.

I`m voting for him in prospect pools like 5 times in a row. Fans still take Welinski before him, ven though Welinski was ''only'' USHL`s defenseman of the year. I think it happens to be because Welinski is around here for longer time than Roy, so he have ''gathered the hype'' around him.

I doubt it has something to do with size - Welinski have size, but lacks elements that Roy is spectacular in.

I`m a big fan of Roy, even though i really dislike his size - there are great examples of undersized great players... aslong as the team doesn`t have many of them on the roster.

He isn`t as hyped because he was just drafted. If we`d drafte him and Welinski last year and would be able to follow him in USHL during the whole season, a lot of fans would be pissing rainbows () about how great he is, and he would be above Welinski in our prospect poll.

Go Roy!

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