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12-02-2003, 10:24 PM
Larry Fisher
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...Sorry G2K but now you are pushing buttons that don't need to be pushed on these boards. You are making things personal and as much as i am in favor of ringing the bells and watching a slugfest i don't think this is the time nor the back off a little man.

There are a number of us that agree with you, me being one of them, and a number of us that agree with Dawgbone. It's not like he has formed a posse on this board with the attempt of cutting you down as a hockey mind.

Different people analyze the game different, thus the quote, "What game we're you watching?"
It just so happens that Dawgbone sees a different game than us but i don't think in any way that he is an asswipe and his Roadrunner opinions are very helpful to the board.

I agree with G2K on the issue of MacT and former Oilers needing to be removed from the present team. KLO is the main, and maybe only one, that belongs in my eyes but then again KLO is calling all the shots right?

I guess i am just singing, "why can't we be friends" in the drunk non-gay fashion. It is 1:20 a.m. in Alberta and we are arguing on a hockey chat board. Seriously chill pills all around...the issue will settle itself and all will be good in time...the future is bright!

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